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            Lead Tipp Barry English     Pipe Seargent Audrey Kerr     Pipe Major Jill MacKay     Pipe Corp and Honorary Pipe Sergeant Pat Hall     Drum Corporal Britnee Thomson  

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Terrace Pipes and Drums Society was formed in 1973 to promote Scottish culture, and to provide music for ceremonial occasions and celebrations.

Terrace Pipes and Drums Society are the only the only Pipe Band in the Pacific Northwest, and as such has played From Prince Rupert to Granisle, from Whitehorse and Stewart to Kitimat and Kemano. The band plays from 15 to 30 times per year, in opening ceremonies, parades, weddings, birthdays, and/or funerals. Any occasion where ceremonial pomp and circumstance are expected.

The members of the band wear the Cameron of Erracht tartan, with "Prince Charlie" dinner Jackets, Black Lovatt hose, and glengarry bonnets. The pipers own and supply their own instruments.

The band is self sponsored, but receives support and funding from organizations such as the BC Gaming Commission, Terrace and District Arts Council, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 13,

Time Cleaners, Terraceautomall.com

and Onsight Embroidery

and many other organizations and private citizens.


Pipe Majors

Garrett Kerr
2013 to date
Jill MacKay
Audrey Kerr
Stephan White
Chris Schooner
Pat Hall
Murray Hamer
Nelson Gillis
Vern DesLaurier
Allan Tutt
Keith Tutt
Jim Millar

Leading Side Drummers

Barry English
1982-To Date
Kelly Bachman
Dave Phillips
Donald Tutt


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